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School Chimes

Okay this is a short but sweet FYI about Japanese schools. Between periods and at the beginning and end of school, there is always a chime. At my high school and the junior high behind my school, they always play the Westminster chimes. I was talking about it with my school music teacher and said it was interesting because the chimes were used in clocks back home. I wondered why ALL schools had this as a chime. To my surprise, my teacher informed me that not all schools use the Westminster Quarter. O.O! Talk about making cultural assumptions. (=^_^=) To say the least I was embarrassed, especially because I've live here for a year and a half! -_-; Some schools use a simple variation between two tones, and others... well...? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.

So, that's it for my brief rant. What chimes do they play at your school?
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