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School uniforms, for teachers

I can never get over the shit they wear in Japanese schools.  Okay, so for starters, you have the teachers.  In my school, they men should wear suits.  I mean, come on!  A middle school teacher wearing a suit?!  It seems to me like there is an idea that all working men should wear a suit (part of the "everyone in Japan has to have a uniform that reflects their place in society" aspect of the culture) in order to feel like they are important.  Anywhoo, with that suit, will be either gym sneakers or sandals--a total clash of fashion.  Now, you may be asking WHY?  Because in Japanese schools, the shoe ruleTM states that we must keep inside and outside shoes separate.  That is why housewives that come to visit the school (of course they come wearing an apron, their uniform or symbol of their domestication they bring "my slippers" from their house.  So, the indoor shoes do not change at all.  They are the same throughout the year, but (sometimes) the suits will change, and it is a big buu-buu, but in Japan, it is a-okay. 

Another acceptible outfit is work out clothes.  Many teachers also teach sports after school (it is not like in the US where only the PE teachers or a special coach is assigned), and so they get lazy and like to wear shwish-shwish pants or Nike/Adidas/etc stuff to school.  It is a big contrast seeing a room full of men, half of them in suits and ties (and their silly non-matching shoes) and they other half wearing work-out gear.  No one stops to question it, and all think it is perfectly acceptable.

Now the ladies have a less strict dress code.  Most come in nice dresses, pants or whatever, but don't need to be dolled up.

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I find that in general the women tend to keep to a higher standard of dress; or rather, that fewer of them wear (the apparently very expensive) warmup suits like men do. Probably the biggest thing that surprised me is that it's okay to wear the same outfit twice in a week, or twice in a row... in the States, you can do that in cartoons, but that's about it-- if you wore the same outfit all the time, no matter how nice it looks, people will think you're either a) poor or b) dirty (come on, how do you wash clothes if you wear them every day?)

(it is kinda convenient to wear the same clothes all the time though...)

I'm all about the non-matching shoes, however; eleven months as a grocery checker taught me that if you're standing on your feet all day, you should be wearing comfortable shoes. I personally own two pair of tennis (one burgundy, one orange/red/brown camouflage) and a pair of sandals for My Slippers-- I mean, indoor shoes. Then again, I don't mind being a fashion misfit..

erin (ee970, too lazy to log in)
Over at my school everyone wears the warm-up suits or casual clothes, including the women. Some of the older teachers like wearing white lab jackets, even the ones who aren't science teachers. The only times I've ever dressed up was my first day, demo classes for the parents and supervisors, and then for every graduation. All other days I just chill out in jeans and a hoodie, or cords and a nice top... and usually I get complemented on how nice and expensive-looking my clothes are.

The teachers all keep their suits on hangers in their cars, and I guess they do it in case an emergency meeting comes up. It's funny to see everyone in casual, then 5 minutes before important meetings everyone running to their cars to change. And then when they come back inside, half of them are wearing the same blue blazer with the gold buttons, and khaki slacks. Is that some kind of offical suit for teachers?

half of them are wearing the same blue blazer with the gold buttons, and khaki slacks. Is that some kind of offical suit for teachers?

Maybe so... You can probably order them from the same place as you get school uniforms... or more likely, those catalogs they place on your desk randomly, where you can order clothes and food and books and other things delivered to your house because as a teacher you couldn't possibly have time to do any real shopping yourself. Of course, this is sadly true.

I am curious about the lab jackets, however... what's up with that? Science teachers wearing them, yeah, of course. The art teacher, or the people dishing out school lunch, nnn, all right. But the English teacher? Are there some strange chemicals we're coming into contact with while doing the dialogue between Ken and Demi that I didn't know about? ("Erisu-sensei, please carry these worksheets and chalk to the classroom, and don't forget the hydrochloric acid!")
here's something new: one of my teachers wears these puffy things on her arms while she's in the teacher's office (the temperature is comfortable, but on the cold side). i'll call them "arm-warmers" for lack of a better word, but if you know what leg-warmers look like then you can imagine what i'm talking about (and of course you do because they're THE fashion accessory for j-girls even though the 80's were 20+ years ago). I guess on days when she decides to wear short-sleeves, she brings these arm-warmers along, and just pops them on when she feels cold. she's even got matching ones for whatever colors she wears, so it looks like part of her shirt. could this be a new trend about to begin? from my little inaka town? hmm...
I usually wear my clothes two days in a row.