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School uniforms, for teachers

I can never get over the shit they wear in Japanese schools.  Okay, so for starters, you have the teachers.  In my school, they men should wear suits.  I mean, come on!  A middle school teacher wearing a suit?!  It seems to me like there is an idea that all working men should wear a suit (part of the "everyone in Japan has to have a uniform that reflects their place in society" aspect of the culture) in order to feel like they are important.  Anywhoo, with that suit, will be either gym sneakers or sandals--a total clash of fashion.  Now, you may be asking WHY?  Because in Japanese schools, the shoe ruleTM states that we must keep inside and outside shoes separate.  That is why housewives that come to visit the school (of course they come wearing an apron, their uniform or symbol of their domestication they bring "my slippers" from their house.  So, the indoor shoes do not change at all.  They are the same throughout the year, but (sometimes) the suits will change, and it is a big buu-buu, but in Japan, it is a-okay. 

Another acceptible outfit is work out clothes.  Many teachers also teach sports after school (it is not like in the US where only the PE teachers or a special coach is assigned), and so they get lazy and like to wear shwish-shwish pants or Nike/Adidas/etc stuff to school.  It is a big contrast seeing a room full of men, half of them in suits and ties (and their silly non-matching shoes) and they other half wearing work-out gear.  No one stops to question it, and all think it is perfectly acceptable.

Now the ladies have a less strict dress code.  Most come in nice dresses, pants or whatever, but don't need to be dolled up.

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