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because you couldn't be bothered to get yourself to japan

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Nowadays, with videogames, anime, etc. so popular in the West, many people are interested in Japan. However, they've never been to the country and assume that it's very close-- or very different-- from home. J-Kaiwa hopes to set some things straight.

Our purpose isn't to provide basic facts on Japan, or give the history, or anything else you can get from a basic encyclopedia or any number of great historical websites. It also isn't just to bitch about how Japan is annoyingly different from other places (even if similar themes happen to leak into entries; we assure you that we don't hate the place). It -is- to provide some experiences from people who live in Japan, so that people can get a bit fuller view of basic life in Japan other than what's shown in cartoons.

Membership is currently limited, but anyone is invited to read and give us feedback. Searching for information on a particular topic? Check out the Memories. We also take suggestions of things to look into by email or in this thread.